Second Amendment

Kurt is an avid sportsman and member of the N.R.A.. He will fight in St. Paul to preserve our Second Amendment rights.

Strong Families

Representative Daudt believes that strong families are critical to society.  He supports traditional marriage.

Property Rights

As a State Representative and former Isanti County Commissioner, Kurt has been a defender of property rights.   


Kurt is pro-life and will work to protect life from conception to natural death.

Fiscal Conservative

Daudt is fiscal conservative who fought to balance the state budget without raising taxes.  As a County Commissioner, he voted to keep property taxes from increasing. His experience in private sector business has given him a close view of how high taxes and government spending have negative impact. As your Representative, Kurt will oppose mandates from the state on local governments and school districts that result in increased costs.   


Daudt will support the end of sanctuary cities in Minnesota because he understands that illegal immigration problems can spill over into our district as well.

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